” Three Days In The Disney Wilderness.”

 If this goes wrong, we could be arrested! My father in law is a Mississippi redneck and I am taking him into Disney’s Fort Wilderness.  I pray that he doesn’t see a rabbit, or it may be my next Italian braised rabbit like the one below. It’s hard enough explaining why he has to throw back the large bass he caught in Disney lakes. If we see Nemo, he wont be stuck in an aquarium, he will be right where he belongs, on a dinner plate.

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Think about the forth day on vacation you have just shared all four Disney parks in the blazing hot sun of  Orlando, Florida with kids and a father in law that would rather be fishing. What can you do? You’re in Disneyworld. Take him fishing and after watching your kids catch their first BIG fish, go swimming, or ride horses. Take wagon rides with the family all around Fort Wilderness or a remote carriage ride with your love.

disney carrage


Does it really take three days to recover from the parks before going back for one last grand finale?  Can you become to close, or spend to much time with your children? Oh! My BIG question. How much shopping can a girl and her mom do in three days? Please tell me that Downtown Disney’s shopping sucks, because if it doesn’t, this could hurt my ass! Or at least my wallet! How do you do Downtown Disney? Do you start your day in a cafĂ©? What are your favorite shops? Show me Downtown treasures that you still have on our Facebook page.


I can’t keep everyone happy all of the time, not even Disneyworld. With your help what we can do is create awesome moments for every person on our vacations, on this Disney vacation, your Disney vacations and many more to come. As an artist and a treasure reseller, Disney places and any vacation inspires new creations and educates me on what is out there. Your vacations when shared influences my work  and is appreciated. Getting to know each other through social media and in person is how your next special treasures are created. Thanks for sharing your experiences because there will be many awesome times with our families and OH SHIT! moments that we will laugh about for years to come.


Please think back to your past Disney vacations with your family. Put yourself in your favorite Disney resort or anywhere outside of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or the Animal Kingdom, yet still in Disneyworld. Where are you? Please tell me where you are on our Facebook page. All of my Disney memories are in the four parks or Fort Wilderness. I need you to help change that, this vacation.

cenderella castle night blue

As I wrote in “Stephen and Sabrina’s Bella Notte”, we have three days without Disney Park passes. Three days in the wild’s of Disneyworld. Sabrina and I will love our Bella Notte’s. Pawpaw and Mawmaw need theirs too. With raising two of their grandchildren, and pawpaw’s brother, they are not alone very often. The kids will not be in Disneyworld. The only problem is if  Stephen Michael and Rosalie hear a special kind of Disney Magic being made, how do I explain that to them?


How would you feel vacationing in Disneyworld like you lived there? Shopping, fishing, boating, and just chilling at the cabin? Taking your time going out to eat with no firm schedule. With the easy laid back Fort Wilderness days coming after being out in the four parks for three days from dusk til after midnight. To me, it will feel like a Disney weekend. Talking and connecting with Sabrina, Stephen Michael, Rosalie, and Sabrina’s parents, while dreaming about our last days spent in the Magic Kingdom.

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I have brought you into my love life seeking your expert dating advice in “Stephen and Sabrina’s Bella Notte”. Now I’m asking you to share your stories and pictures. Showing me how to enjoy the rest of Disneyworld outside of the parks.

Thanks for expert advice

Stephen Mark Lato

June 12,2013