Wine and Cheese Charity Art Auctions with artists we have met on Royal Street, arts

and craft fairs, and vacations is what Sabrina and I dream about. Today and throughout the

construction of Lato A.C.D., we will give 10% of our net profits to artist, small business and

people in need through crowd funding sites like kick-starter, and gofundme.


          At this point 10% donated per month does not much help, however, I imagine us with a

fifteen square foot warehouse bringing in a million a year. That’s almost $10,000 a month

pulling people out of dead-end jobs and employing the unemployed, while bringing you their

unique creations.


  It hurts me that Lato A.C.D. is not a high volume storage unit buyer with a  10,0000 square

foot warehouse now, because we would give it to the Boston bombing victims on




          The first dreams with a new business is always your future life. Doing the things you

love to do while getting paid for it. Once you realize that everything is going to be ok, that

your family is going to be living their dreams, you start to look back on your life at all the

times when you had friends and family in crisis with no resources to help. At least not in

comparison to your heart’s desire.


In mine and Sabrina’s first year together, we lost my dad, her uncle, and a sixteen month

old little friend who died in a house fire. Those challenges were key directions for us in the

dream to get married and is now one of the primary reasons to choose storage auctions and

hand crafting items as a profession.


   Toys will go to “Toys for Tots”, coats will go to “Pat’s coats for kids”, and while no one can

replace loved ones or even family pictures and heirlooms, we will have the resources to help

with household essentials. We will have business social networks ( yes that’s you!) to help

with almost anything.

  If medical bills are of a concern, our hand forged wrought iron decor, hand sewn dresses,

and oil paintings, ( when auctioned off at a benefit), will be just what the doctor ordered, or

charged.(same difference). 🙂

pats coats for kidstoys for tots



When our church has charity auctions and when high schools have charity auctions, we

will paint oil paintings, forge wrought iron, and design and craft dresses and jewelry. Many

of our donations will be one of  a kind items. It will not be often because we only crowd fund

the laymen of new mediums and first time collections.

     However, some church and school auctions will début never before  seen creations. The

buyer of that creation will be the true owner of the very first solo of that treasure. Not the

funders of the following kick-starter project.  The Kick-starter funders will get the best price t

hat we will ever sell it for.

Florence Church

       After Sabrina and I save the world, after we see our parents enjoying their grandkids in 

their dream retirements, it will be our turn to party. We will stop whining and truly get to

start wining. Instead of spending our cheese on Boston Marathon victims, we will spend it on

cheese in France and Italy.

      For now are backs are against the wall. Our heads are in the clouds, and our hearts are in

Boston. Help us get ourselves together. Go to www.gofundme.com and give to the person or

group of your choice, now please.


If you are reading this after the year 2013, go to gofundme or kickstarter or buy your special

treasure from us remembering that 10% of our profits are going to crowdfunding projects..

Thanks for reading!

Stephen Mark Lato

April 24th, 2013