Stephen’s Part Of Lato A.C.D.

Stephen Mark’s job, once we are full-time with a box truck or trailer, $3,000.00 in buying capital, a 15×40 storage unit, a 12×16 shop at home, and a booth at the flea market, will be both project based and seasonal. Craft fairs, blacksmith contest, and the Holiday season, will have him designing and crafting almost exclusively for six to eight weeks at a time, followed by almost no production work. There can never be a time that he doesn’t write post and draw future projects. If he did, they could be lost forever. During arts and crafts projects, he will still go to auctions to bid on units , then hire others to load and sort. Any reconditioning and embellishing will take place after his projects. During storage auctions, there is a lot of down time between auctions and waiting on storage facilities to begin their auctions, when he is not researching, taking photos, or listing items online, he will be writing blog post, and designing jewelry, decor, and knives on drawing pads and on his laptop. He will also tweet about auctions and post pictures on Facebook.

Contact him through or by email at


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