Sabrina’s Part Of Lato A.C.D.

With this and future blogs, the items both Sabrina and Stephen craft or get from storage auctions, estate sales, and crowdfunding sites nothing gets published, listed or shipped without her. She manages the items online, and assists in the pricing and selections  at auctions. While Stephen is writing post between auctions, she is photographing and listing items on the laptop, as well as staying connected with Lato A.C.D. and resellers customers on Twitter and Facebook.

When not at auctions, and especially prior to craft fairs and the Holiday Season, she crafts purses and pillowcase dresses, as well as craft paint storage auction items and ornaments. Last Christmas at This Olde Shoppe, the only items that sold were the ornaments she painted, and the most made on a single sale, were the chairs she recovered which sold for $80.00. You can find the items that Lato A.C.D. has on our facebook page  at or email us at


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