Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D.

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images courtesy of google.

Lamborghini countach

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Enzo Ferrari lover of car racing wanted to bring race cars to the roads of Italy. Ferrari believed, like many Italian designers and artists, in paying attention to every detail and creating works of art.

Today Ferrari has formed cars, as well as supercars. Ferrari takes what they learn from racing to countries all around the world.

Ferruccio Lamorghini, and Italian Entrepeur had businesses, one being Lamborghini tractors. He drove Maseratis and Ferrari’s. He had money problems with his Ferraris taking up clutches and transmissions.

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini got in a huge Italian style argument with Mr. Enzo Ferrari about the clutches and transmissions needing to be stronger. Like most Italian men, each of them was always right and nothing could possibly need to be changed about Mr. Enzo’s Ferrari’s

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini of Lamborghini tractors knew that Ferrari’s could have much stronger clutches and transmissions because his tractors were built stronger. Being an Entrepreneur already, Mr. Lamborghini  said “Screw it, I’ll make my own cars.”

The frist Lamborghini

Ferrari-LaFerrari 1

Lamborghini Advontador

As both a man and a person of Italian and French decent, it is my birthright to know everything and to be the best in the world.. While in a few years that will ring true it is a mess leaving as hell. It is going to take hundreds of books , dozens of people, and years to become a self made, overnight success.

old faded farrari 308

Think back to the last time you saw a highboy dresser with fifteen coats of paint, a few hand pulls missing, and the molding all cracked up. To the Ferrari racecar fast resale flipper, it’s a piece of **** and the risk of buying storage unit at auctions. To me, it a Ferrari 308 in need of my special loving care.

I will strip her white maw-maw dress off to uncover her beautiful and exotic woods, embellish her in hand forged hand-pulls, and wrought iron fillagre , so that she will be brought back to her youth and treated like the diva she is.

Some cars are designed to be like racecars and to be perfect works of art. That’s a Ferrari. Then there is the cars that are meant to rev their engines till they get your attention, then drive it like their “little boys” all grown up in their MAN toys. That’s s a Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D. and Resellers, will be art, handcrafted décor and jewelry, whose sole purpose is to get your friends and family saying that you are crazy ant that there is no reason  for you to have a $3,000.00 rack that only holds nine bottles of wine.

The Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D. were discussed in the “Five things you will love and hate about Lato A.C.D.” Our handcrafted items will be very event based and seasonal. My most show-stopping extreme works will only be attainable in three places: Kickstarter, special events, and gift giving.

Lamborghini Dioblo

This post was inspired by my dream toy box on Pinterest. In the upcoming months leading up to Lato A.C.D. and Resellers being a full time business for us, and for all of our friends and family, my challenge to you is, to point out my inspirations.

The inspirations are on Pinterest,  in the works of Etsy, E-bay, and Amazon, and at arts and crafts fairs.

Share your opinion and best guesses on Facebook, and those of you that get to know me as an artist and truly connect with my artists’ point of view will hold a special place in my  mailing list and art.

Stephen Mark Lato

May 2, 2013



ren. fest dress

My  quest and  Sabrina’s  is  to  become 

oil  painters,  blacksmiths,  dress 

designers,  and  treasure  hunters  that 

are  friends  with   you  who  are  truly 

connected  while  creating  your 

special  treasures.

Knowing  you  is  going  to  affect  the 

size  of  our  business  and  make  truly 

having  a  resale  company  take  a lot  

longer,  because  we  are  creating 

works  with  our  customers  in  mind.

  civil war horse back shooting guns

Imagine  that  we  had  a  conversation 

at  a  Civil  War  reenactment  at  Port 

Hudson  while  watching  a  certain 

scene  during  the  battle.  I  would 

draw  and  paint  oil  paintings  of  that 



The  first  thing  you  will  hate  about 

Lato A.C.D.  is  that  you  can’t  have 

one  of  a  kind  items  that  you  love  in 

our  gallery’s  that  have  already  sold, 

like  the  oil  painting  above.


Someone  may  see  your  one  of  a 

kind  painting,  but  they  can  never 

have  one.  Even  if  I  decide  to  paint 

others  they  will  not  be  exactly  the 


If  I  make  prints,  they  will  be  prints, 

not  the  original  painting.

The  second  thing  you  will  hate  is 

waiting  for  new  collections  to  be 

offered  once  current  collections  sell 


  Sabrina  and  I  will  be  working  on 

many  projects  throughout  the  year, 

while  at  the  same  time  buying  and 

selling  storage  auction,  estate  sales, 

and  flea  market  treasures.

In   order  to  bring  you  our  best 

work,  we  must  be  focused  on  the 

project  of  the  day  and  not   revisiting 

past  projects

Between  dress  collections, or 

collections  of  knives,  your  comments 

and  reviews  are  more  than  just 

appreciated,  they aid  us  in  future 


The  third  thing  that  you  will  hate  is

Lato A.C.D  prices  after  kick  starter 

projects.  Our  kick  starter  projects 

are  used  to  develop  new  skills  and 

help  us  to  explore  arts,  crafts,  and 

study  in  places  that  we  could  never 

attempt  without  your  help. 

These  projects  will  develop   us  as 

your  artists  faster  than  just  using 

other  treasure  profits,  and   create 

works  for  charity  auctions.

The  fourth  thing  you  will  hate  is 

missing  events  with  exclusive  items.

  Civil  War  reenactments, Renaissance 

Festivals,   Art  Shows,  and  even  Fire 

Sales  will  have  items  not  available 

on  our  website,  E-bay,  or  Etsy.

  They  will  be  offered  to  you  again, 

however  because  they  are  only  at 

these  events  you  will  have  to  wait.

The  last  thing  that  you  will  hate 

about  Lato A.C.D.  is  that  we 

will  never  have  a  store.  We  will 

have  a  warehouse  with  a  very  small 

gallery  and  pick  up  area  for  internet 


The  internet  sales  warehouse 

business  decision  allows  us  to  focus 

on  our  works  of   art  and  finding 

your  special  treasures  with  much 

less  cost  and  time  wasted  running  a 

large  store.

The  first  thing  you  will  love  about 

Lato A.C.D.  and  Resellers, is  our  kick 

starter  projects.

  Imagine being  in  a  gallery  on  Royal 

Street  in  New  Orleans,  five  years 

after  funding  the  projects  that  made 

our  wrought  iron  decor  and  oil 

paintings   possible. 

How  smart  will  you  look  talking  to 

the  owner  or  customers  admiring 

our  work,  after  following  our 

Facebook  page,  or  reading  our  blog 

post.  We  will  have  about  four 

projects  a  year.

  After  the  first  one,  you  become  a 

part  of  and   will  be  one  of  the  very 

first  people  to  see  new  collections, 

and  influence  the  treasures  that  you 

will  love  for  the  rest  of  your  life.

The  second  thing  you  will  love  is 

showing  off  one  of  a  kind  items. 

Most  of  our  oil  paintings, dresses, 

blacksmith  merchandise,  and  jewelry 

will  be  in  very  small  collections  with 

one  of  a  kind  versions  offered  on  E-

bay,  kick  starter,  and  at  events. 

Many  of  your  house  guest  will  be 

seeing  our  works  for  the  very  first 

time  when  they  visit.  Unfortunately 

for  them,  you  own  the  only  one  ever 


portable civil war forge

purple civil war dress

The  third  thing  that  you  will love 

about  Lato A.C.D.  and  Resellers,  is 

that  you  will  see  and  talk  to  us  at 

events  like  art  shows,  bridal  shows, 

and  Civil  War  reenactments,  on 

social  media,  and  even E-mail.

  We  will  answer  your  questions  as 

best  we  can  and  attempt  to  get  to 

know  each  other.  Meeting  us  in 

person  at  events  with  our  wrought 

iron  and  dresses  on  display  or  in 

the  process  of  being  created.

  You  will  be  able  to  judge  us  and 

our  creations  for  yourself.  I  love 

learning  the  favorites  of  my  new 

friends,  and  seeing  them  react  for 

the  very  first  time  they  experience 

their  treasured  creations.

  The  more  we  see  each  other  and 

get  to  know  each  other,  the  more 

influence  you  will  have  on  your 

treasures.  At  times,  you  will  truly  co

-create  them  with  us.


The  fourth  thing  that  you  will  love 

about  Lato A.C.D.  and  Resellers,  is 

our  warehouse.  It  will  not  be  a  true 


  You  will  not  be  allowed  to  visit 

most  of  it,  and  it  will  be  available 

to  you  three  days  a  week.

  So,  why  did  I  say  you  were  going 

to  love  the  Lato A.C.D.  and  Resellers 

warehouse?  Simply  because  of  these 

three  things:

 (1.)  You  will  love  the  prices  that  we 

can  have  without  the  cost  of  a  full 

store,  as  well  as  the  fact  that  you 

are  buying  directly  from  us,  the 


(2.) We  will  have  HUGE  tent  sales 

and  arts  and  crafts  fairs  outside.

(3.) You  will  love  seeing  the  very 

best  we  have  to  offer  in  our  gallery.

The  last  thing  that  you  will  love 

about  Lato A.C.D.  and  Resellers  is, 

having  true  artist  and  treasure 

hunters  as  friends. 

blue and black civil war dress

Imagine  Sabrina  having  made 

dresses   for  you   for  a  few  years. 

She  knows  your  size.  You  and 

Sabrina  talk  about  the  latest  trends 

and  styles  that  you  love,  and 

Sabrina  knows   what  you  hate  about 

certain  dresses. 

Sabrina  just  might  see  the  perfect 

dress  for  you  in  Paris,  France,  send 

you  a   picture,  and   ask  if  you  would 

like  her  to  pick  it  up  for  you.

 burgandy ren. fest dress

When  you  get  married,  or  have  to 

attend  a  friend’s  wedding,  she  will 

make  your  next  favorite  dress.  Just 

don’t   forget  to buy  one  of   my   

wrought  iron  bridal   hangers  to 

show  it  off   on.  😀

Thank  you  for  being  a  part  of  our 

dream.  Your  interest  in  Lato A.C.D. 

and  Resellers  is  appreciated  and  you 

truly  are  co-creators  through  your 

comments,  Facebook  posts,  and 


As  we  grow,  become  full-time, 

and  perfect  our  skills,  there  will  be 

larger  collections  of  our  blacksmith 

items,  dresses,  jewelry,  and  on 

Amazon  with  the  amount  of  resale 

merchandise,  lessening  the  things 

you  will  hate  about  us,  Lato A.C.D. 

and  Resellers. 

There  will  always  be  one  of  a  kind 

treasures  once  collections   sell  out, 

are  gone,  and  our  kick  starter 

projects  are  by  far  the  most 

economical  way  to  own  or  work. 

Thanks  again.

Stephen Mark Lato

April 18, 2013


my future plane

The year is 2018.

After my first transatlantic flight in my plane, Sabrina and I land in Italy for my second European Bicentennial Wrought Iron Exhibition Contest in Tuscany.

South of Florence, in the small town of Stia, every other year blacksmiths from all over the world come together to show off or compete with a theme that they only found out about a month before.

It has been a few years since Sabrina and I shared our late 10th wedding anniversary.

We will be able to spend it at the contest with shopping in Florence, just after going full-time with Lato A.C.D. resellers that July of 2013.

Stia blacksmith

The blacksmith contest in 2015 was my first. I had thought that after being a full-time artist and resale buyer for two years would allow me to be ready for it.

 However because of the crazy craft fairs and civil war schedule, Sabrina had me working and providing the storage auction inventory for our 15,000 square foot warehouse, knowing my home was sometimes a challenge.

It was fun and I did learn a lot. We also found the time to study art in Florence and taste wine in Chianti. Something we could only dream about in 2013.

chianti italy

Now back to 2018.

We are finally fluent in Italian and we have Italian friends that we keep in contact with on social media and try to talk to on Skype at least once a month.

It will  be nice to finally meet them and to have their support at the blacksmith contest in Stia.

milan fasion weekWe were planning on staying with an Italian friend, but my sister and mom decided to tag along with us, so we rented a villa in Chianti.

Stephen Michael II, Rosalie, and John Luther are going as well, so it will be a great trip. My brother might meet us in Milan.He is there visiting his niece.

Sabrina’s dresses will  be on the catwalk, so I probably don’t have any chores.

It’s not like it’s her first fashion show, and she has another designer from Italy showing them for her.


We will be in Florence’s Santo Spirito Antique Flea Market after my exhibition, before heading off to Milan to meet my brother and see Sabrina’s dresses.

 We will go twice. Once to film a YouTube video for you to see which treasures you love, and the second time to purchase the treasures for you.

 If you see something you would love to own, we have a wish list, and for some of you, we will go hunting for your special treasures. If we have time we will go to San Lorenzo Market, but no promises. 🙂

stephen blacksmith pic with anvil and cigar

If there is any part of my dreams and goals within this post that you would love to know more about, please share it with me in the comments section.

You may just inspire my next post or even influence the business plan that I am in the process of writing.

Love Always

Stephen Mark Lato