Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D.

images courtesy of google.

images courtesy of google.

Lamborghini countach

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Enzo Ferrari lover of car racing wanted to bring race cars to the roads of Italy. Ferrari believed, like many Italian designers and artists, in paying attention to every detail and creating works of art.

Today Ferrari has formed cars, as well as supercars. Ferrari takes what they learn from racing to countries all around the world.

Ferruccio Lamorghini, and Italian Entrepeur had businesses, one being Lamborghini tractors. He drove Maseratis and Ferrari’s. He had money problems with his Ferraris taking up clutches and transmissions.

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini got in a huge Italian style argument with Mr. Enzo Ferrari about the clutches and transmissions needing to be stronger. Like most Italian men, each of them was always right and nothing could possibly need to be changed about Mr. Enzo’s Ferrari’s

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini of Lamborghini tractors knew that Ferrari’s could have much stronger clutches and transmissions because his tractors were built stronger. Being an Entrepreneur already, Mr. Lamborghini  said “Screw it, I’ll make my own cars.”

The frist Lamborghini

Ferrari-LaFerrari 1

Lamborghini Advontador

As both a man and a person of Italian and French decent, it is my birthright to know everything and to be the best in the world.. While in a few years that will ring true it is a mess leaving as hell. It is going to take hundreds of books , dozens of people, and years to become a self made, overnight success.

old faded farrari 308

Think back to the last time you saw a highboy dresser with fifteen coats of paint, a few hand pulls missing, and the molding all cracked up. To the Ferrari racecar fast resale flipper, it’s a piece of **** and the risk of buying storage unit at auctions. To me, it a Ferrari 308 in need of my special loving care.

I will strip her white maw-maw dress off to uncover her beautiful and exotic woods, embellish her in hand forged hand-pulls, and wrought iron fillagre , so that she will be brought back to her youth and treated like the diva she is.

Some cars are designed to be like racecars and to be perfect works of art. That’s a Ferrari. Then there is the cars that are meant to rev their engines till they get your attention, then drive it like their “little boys” all grown up in their MAN toys. That’s s a Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D. and Resellers, will be art, handcrafted décor and jewelry, whose sole purpose is to get your friends and family saying that you are crazy ant that there is no reason  for you to have a $3,000.00 rack that only holds nine bottles of wine.

The Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D. were discussed in the “Five things you will love and hate about Lato A.C.D.” Our handcrafted items will be very event based and seasonal. My most show-stopping extreme works will only be attainable in three places: Kickstarter, special events, and gift giving.

Lamborghini Dioblo

This post was inspired by my dream toy box on Pinterest. In the upcoming months leading up to Lato A.C.D. and Resellers being a full time business for us, and for all of our friends and family, my challenge to you is, to point out my inspirations.

The inspirations are on Pinterest,  in the works of Etsy, E-bay, and Amazon, and at arts and crafts fairs.

Share your opinion and best guesses on Facebook, and those of you that get to know me as an artist and truly connect with my artists’ point of view will hold a special place in my  mailing list and art.

Stephen Mark Lato

May 2, 2013


“The return of my original favorite color.”

Photo courtesy of photobucket

I love playing with fire.  My first word was hot.  I used to play so close to fires that the bottom of my shoes have started to melt.

 Much of my love for my new hobby, forging steel, is that I get to play with fire and glowing red-hot steel.

  Hopefully soon I will start playing with melted rods of glass and glass powders.

Photo courtesy of google images.

Almost everyone that loves the color red, also loves the color black. I feel that red and black are connected to each other in nature.

 Black coals next to a red fire, red fireworks in a night sky, as well as the many birds, bugs, and snakes that are red and black.

Photo courtesy of goggle images

As deeply rooted in my past as both red and black both truly are, neither color was originally my favorite color.

  Blue is the color of clear blue skies, of  days spent swimming with friends and family, and vacationing at the beach. Growing up, I preferred to play outside.

  The first thing I would do after waking up was to look at the wall down the hall, because if the bathroom door was open, I could see if the sun was shining.

  I considered it to be a lucky day if I could not find any clouds, making it a true clear blue sky.  That is the origin of my original favorite color!

In my interview with my son, Stephen Michael, in preparation for this post, I found out that his reason for loving blue is the same as mine, and I was about his age, six.

How awesome is that!! To not only share the same color, but to share the same reason. Stephen Michael said ” I always see it and the sky is blue.”

We both like playing and being outdoors. When asked what else he likes that is blue beside the sky and the ocean he said, “Blues clues”. The children’s tv show.

Photo courtesy of goggle images

      When I asked what his favorite hobby he liked to do with me was, he said it was making candle holders, and that he liked to roll out the clay with our pasta machine.

Out of all our plans for the future, he is most looking forward to going to Disney World, which will hopefully be this coming Nov.

Photo courtesy of goggle images

Blue skies symbolize optimism and better opportunities. It’s also a color that emphasizes the cooling and relaxing qualities, reminding me of when I am designing and creating, gardening, and cooking.

It is Stephen Michael’s personality, his interest in my crafts, gardening and cooking that bring a balance to my red and black hobbies and personality.

He doesn’t like loud noises such as guns, fireworks, and loud trucks. I am blue when I create. Not the sad side of blue, but the cooling and relaxation qualities.

Photo courtesy of photo bucket

 I knew that working with, and teaching my children was going to be the most memorable and special times in both of our lives together.

What I did not expect was how much Stephen Michael and Rosalie would keep me focused and dedicated to my work.

I prefer to have the best tools, and to have everything together before I start. When cooking, I prep. and measure everything beforehand.

I don’t have a lot of tools and I have even less time for my arts and crafts. If I make the excuse that we don’t have an item that we need for a project, Stephen Michael will find something that we can use.

 On more than a couple of occassions, when I have asked Stephen to get something for me, Rosalie has gotten to it first and has brought it to me. ( I remember  a month ago, I told Stephen to get his shoes on so that we could go to the library. A few minutes later Rosalie came up to me and said, “I’ve got my shoes daddy.” How can anyone say no to that!)

 No matter how red something has made me,or how dark I feel, my children will ALWAYS return me to my original favorite color.

With my last ten years, I don’t see blue replacing red and black. Having said that, if I get to turn storage auction trash into treasures and become a pro artist, it may happen.

I finally believe that it is possible.  Having Stephen Michael as my balance,  will continue to bring even brighter blue days to come. Much brighter than I could ever have without  him.

Stephen Michael’s focus on our future is awesome for a six-year-old. In combination with his love for working on my creative hobbies with me, makes him truly the return of my original favorite color.

What are your memories with your favorite color? Please share them with us in the comments section. Thanks for reading mine.

Stephen Mark Lato

“Quality Vintage Tools And Tools Of Mystery”

My Grandmother gave me permission to have any tools that my Grandfather had that I needed for school.

I am not sure of his real job title. My mom and grandmother said that he was a machinist, an uncle said he wasn’t.

What I say, through conversations with his tools,(yes, tools say more than you think), that he was a true machinist.

 He cut threads and belt groves into shafts on a Lathe. Told to me by Mr. Bill, my machinist instructor by my grandfather’s hand ground lathe cutting tools.

Some remain a mystery but were definitely form tools ,meaning the shape of  the tool was cut into the metal being turned, and not to part off or cut the diameter. 

He had a tubing bender and flaring tools for  1/4″ tubing, some welding tools, and 6″ block of lead that I”m not sure what he had it for. (If anyone knows what this was used for, please leave in comment section under blog.)

There were hundreds of drills, reamers, taps, and dies, enough  to last for years. I’m not sure of what machine he maintainance and repaired, but he was its machinist, both making new parts and repairing old ones , using the skills of many trades.

L.S. Starrett


My search for tools for machinist school was then very new to me, I was just starting school. 

I did not really know what a lot of the tools that later would be used by me for years, even were. It was truly part of my education  and not only my education, it was a show and tell for my whole class.

One pair of dividers were very unique and are hard to find, They have a scribe on one side  and an outside caliper on the other. I had some of the best hand tools ever made, snap on and LS straight measuring tools.

One reason that lead to me not becoming a machinist was lack of tools, however the tools I did have were awesome.

When I found my vintage toolbox, it was orange with what I thought was a black top, but was actually grease and oil from years of use and 22 years of retirement.

I scraped off the grease, cleaned the inside and outside, and painted it red.

I have another post about my dad’s storage room” <ahref=”” title=”“Storage Room Adventures””></a>

My dad was more diverse and had books on National Geographic, and mags to read, but it was a normal DIY storage room.  Pawpaw Sam’s was industrial trade tools and form tools for his 2 acre garden, but that’s another post.

I can’t wait to dig and search through old tool chest and real wood boxes of tools in storage units.

Maybe even new tools from trades that I know little about will be bought by us. Over the past sixteen years of since those weeks of tool findings and reconditioning, I have had jobs in the disassembly, cleaning and repair of tool.

There will also be tools that I need for my arts and crafts, as well as fixing and embellishing Storage Auction items.

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“Rosalie Doesn’t Know She Is Missing Birthday Parties”

I always make Rosalie and Stephen’s birthday special. It’s “their” day.

It’s just that last year and this year, she has not has a party with our large family and friends. This post is about why it’s so important to our family’s future to succeed with Lato A.C.D. and resellers, where we are now and where we are going with this on the family side of things.

I am working at my two dead-end jobs until we can go full-time with Lato A.C.D. and resellers.

The problem is that two years ago on a Friday night at Domino’s  Pizza, I would have made $80 – $100, and this past Friday night, I made $34.00.

Lato A.C.D. and resellers made $370 last month, that helps, however, we can not replace Domino’s until we have the $5,000.00 + that we are asking for and  are netting $1000.00 a month.

To date, no one has donated even $1 to help us, and get our rewards that would have allowed us to go to auctions and estate sales, throw  a huge yard sale using some of the net profit for Rosalie to have her third birthday party.

Rosalie will get hers, with us starting Lato A.C.D. and resellers, we will have awesome birthday parties in the future. Also with us waiting longer until our next child, ( because our new child is a business, not a baby), that will keep her the baby longer then her brother was.

Our future for our family looks very bright. I know what I am capable of and I am more focused and determined then ever in my life. We just need your help on so that we can fully get Lato A.C.D. and resellers started.

My first goal is not to get “rich”, though I believe that we will. It is to ensure that when I break out of my golden handcuffs, that I don’t put on my own platinum handcuffs, next year while full-time with Lato A.C.D. and resellers.

 Rosalie will not only have awesome large Italian family style birthday parties, she will have me home. I will not be home every day, however,  it will be more than many parents with jobs and almost all that own businesses.

Storage auction dates will only be 2-4 per week depending on the size of the units and the amount of units we will buy each day.

When I am reconditioning and embellishing items, ( the artist side of the storage auction business), a lot of times Rosalie will be helping me.

Rosalie and Stephen both help me with my cooking,( which can be read about in “Lato A.C.D.s First Of Three Sisters”) , gardening, and even making knives: before they are sharp: jewelry, and candle holders.

On 6/5/2102, “The Three Future Siblings”, of, will better explore the post and future involvement of Rosalie and Stephen in those hobbies.

She loves helping, and many times has brought me stuff that I have asked her brother to get. The both love  helping and learning from me and I also learn a lot from teaching them.

Another plan that I have, is to prevent Lato A.C.D. from being just a new  pair of handcuffs, and not keeping me away from them, is to keep the arts, crafts, and decor side, project based.

This will be accomplished by selling our items mostly at craft fairs, Renaissance festivals, flea markets, yard sales, Amazon’s fulfillment program for the Christmas season, and one of a kind items in E-bay auctions, and Etsy.

 The reseller side of Lato A.C.D. and Resellers will not be so easy, however, we will have employees to load, move, sort,list online, and ship items once we net enough to pay them.

The outlook on Rosalie’s life and future birthday party’s is awesome.

As near as November, Sabrina and I plan on making up for her lack of birthday parties and our business startup by going to Disney World.

We are going to love meeting all of you at fairs, yard sales, flea markets, and here, in our blog comments.

Please help us get this party started in three very important ways:

(1): Leave comments

(2): Go to  to donate, and

(3): Come to the July 7th Jolly Jingles Craft Fair at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center.

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“Three Is Not Always A Crowd”

Why in the world would an artist want to be a reseller of storage units and estate sales?

Would not selling the arts and crafts of other artist and crafters be helping our competition? First, and most importantly, there is not as large a difference in the three as there seems.

We either buy or make items that our customers want and then sell the stuff.

 A lot of things obtained from auctions and estate sales will need reconditioning and refinishing, and then others that don’t really need it will be made more unique and special by my and Sabrina’s embellishments, to one that’s an art in and of itself. 

Also while most items in storage units is everyday household items, clothes and furniture,(stuff everyone needs and uses), there will from time to time, be very unique items. Some vintage and antique.

Buying from other artist and crafters at fairs, on , and on crowd funding sites, like and , will introduce me to other media to mix in my mix media decor.

We may even collaborate on projects. There is a lot to be learned in both the crafting of items and the business side of this, that both us, and other artisans will learn from each other.

As artists, buying auction items and the works of others, will allow me to go full time years sooner than if I were to only sell my candle holders, and mix media wrought iron decor, jewelry, and knives.

It will also allow me to concentrate on creating new works, adding new media, and mastering my current tools and techniques.

Our project is for storage auctions. However, having a box trailer or box truck, will allow us to go to arts and crafts fairs, renaissance festivals, and trade shows much farther away then a pickup truck.

We will bring more of our crafts to others and more of their stuff to have for flea markets and Etsy.

The buying capacity for storage auctions will bring us bigger net profits to allow me to quit my deadend jobs, expand my media, and make you treasure that you will love to much not to buy. Go to, and be rewarded now, and for years to come.


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“Storage Room Adventures”

My dad had many hobbies and interest all crammed into a little storage room next to our car port.

In other words, a little boys wonderland. A place to guess what stuff was and daydream about their possible uses.

He had his first car, an MGB that had only been in the shop once, though he was under it most weekends with parts and tools in the little room.

He had wood working tools that we used to make our dining room table, desk, and kitchen for my sister.

There was an old aquarium from when I was a toddler and now use today with my own children. There was a shelf full from top to bottom with National Geographic magazines.

In many ways it was just as educational as school and an inspiration for nature, later revived in scouts and camping vacations.

There was a freezer with fish and duck saved for special occasions that normally never came out,at least not before freezer burn.

Fishing poles and crab nets and ice chest for our annual family vacation.

Storage Auctions are going to be deja vu on many occasions I’m sure, and I can’t wait to get lots of cool stuff mixed with lots of items that are question marks and others, that I just don’t understand paying for in the store.

With all of my memories tied to items in that Monticello storage room, I can’t help but to dream about the times they had and places they went. Please send me down memory lane and when I came back I’ll sell you their stuff.

You can find us at

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Mix Media Artisian And Storage Auction Embellisher.

I am connecting arts and craft with modern techniques and trends.

My point of view is that it doesn’t matter where the techniques or media come from or if it’s completely made by traditional methods or modern.

The exception is when it’s for a history themed event of project, such as a renaissance festival or plantation home.

If I am working with hand forged steel and I am embellishing it with lamp work glass and it looks like a candle holder, it is one.

If it’s good to sit on, then it is a chair, and if it is beautiful on a chair, then it’s a pendant. Same technique, same media, very different item.

Forged steel and lamp work are just two media acts of many that I either will use, or have used in the past.

I try learning from the best online and in books, and hope to return the favor by inspiring works of others.

I also am highly influenced through social media and our project.

I love meeting fans, customers, and fellow artist at craft fairs, flea markets, renaissance festivals,  and storage facilities.

I will play with many styles and trends. Some, more than others, but never staying at just one. Please tell me your favorite styles and media and we will create awesome new creations. Thanks for reading.

Stephen Mark Lato

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