Hand crafting Christmas gifts is fun, and personal pieces of myself. They are not stress free. If you hate how stressful

Christmas shopping is, never hand craft them. If you’re going to start planning, start now, and yes, I know it is March.

Just trust  me on this.

I have created Christmas gifts for the past three years. My first was the first knife that I have ever made. It is a railroad

spike knife that I hand forged with a BBQ pit, hairdryer, and piece of railroad track, which I made for my brother-in-law.

A year ago I drew my sister in law’s name. She is a photographer, so I created my first picture frame easel made without

welding or rivets, just wrapped with copper wire.  Plan on seeing  copper used with my work a lot because her easel came  out

awesome.  I wish I had pictures of the knife and easel, but I don’t. You will have to wait for future works on this blog, Etsy,

and craft fairs.

Crazy me, as the two years before, decided to make this year’s Christmas gift an item that I have never crafted before.

I thought that I was going to be smart this year and make my mistakes and study knives, not the gift. I also thought

that I was going to use a huge leaf spring an antler bowie-knife.


After taking forever trying to cut off a piece using the edge of my anvil, I knew that it would take too much time and

propane. Christmas may come on the same day every year, but this year, it was coming way too fast.

I had two other knives planned as study knives. A cheese knife with a tiny piece of antler, and an exact copy of the latter

gift knife. You already know the other huge bowie-knife could not happen, however now because I was not using the leaf

springs, they had to be transformed into the gift.


I forged the coil spring into a blade using my propane forge and a real anvil, faster than that first spike knife in a

BBQ pit. Then I ran out of propane. I hardened it with a BBQ pit faster than forging.( Just heat it until a magnet will

not stick to it, and quench it in oil.) Everything was perfect. I had forged copper and made a guard for it, and decided

to fit it on the tang before tempering the blade. I quickly found out that the steel had hardened perfectly with a very



I SNAPPED THE BLADE, THEN I SNAPPED! Inside I ran, freaking out thinking of  all the work and time that

had went into it, and how t was the Saturday before Christmas. I was ranting to my wife about the recent nightmare

telling her and myself, that my brother doesn’t know what he is getting. I can buy a gift card and forge a beer opener

to go with it.

After spending some time talking with my broken blade, and looking through my knife books, I remembered grinding

broken drill bits in machinists school. I was looking at photos of stock removed made knife tang. I decided to grind the

broken blade back to life.

The finished blade turned out much finer and fit tighter then the forged tang. I was looking at knives on Facebook

when I saw an antler knife so polished, it looked wet. After a few comments, I found out how they polished theirs’. I will

use that technique for as long as I use antlers.  I will at some point use antlers with candle holders and lamps.

It’s time to give the knife back to my brother. I don’t have time to make my first ever knife sheath. I did not have the

leather, even if I was awesome at it. I keep my future antlers, exotic wood pieces, and I bought some knife blanks, and

keep them by my bathroom sink for inspiration. I noticed that one had a sheath that would work. It was not perfect, but

it worked well. Had I not broke the blade, I could have never used it.


Remember the leaf spring that I did not have time for? That will be transformed into a huge meat cleaver. I can’t know

whom the next Christmas creation will be for, and I hope I really do get to have study work first. But I promise this year

will be fun to read, and your next favorite treasure may be coming to Etsy, Kick Starter, or craft fairs very soon.



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