Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D.

images courtesy of google.

images courtesy of google.

Lamborghini countach

photo courtesy of google.

Enzo Ferrari lover of car racing wanted to bring race cars to the roads of Italy. Ferrari believed, like many Italian designers and artists, in paying attention to every detail and creating works of art.

Today Ferrari has formed cars, as well as supercars. Ferrari takes what they learn from racing to countries all around the world.

Ferruccio Lamorghini, and Italian Entrepeur had businesses, one being Lamborghini tractors. He drove Maseratis and Ferrari’s. He had money problems with his Ferraris taking up clutches and transmissions.

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini got in a huge Italian style argument with Mr. Enzo Ferrari about the clutches and transmissions needing to be stronger. Like most Italian men, each of them was always right and nothing could possibly need to be changed about Mr. Enzo’s Ferrari’s

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini of Lamborghini tractors knew that Ferrari’s could have much stronger clutches and transmissions because his tractors were built stronger. Being an Entrepreneur already, Mr. Lamborghini  said “Screw it, I’ll make my own cars.”

The frist Lamborghini

Ferrari-LaFerrari 1

Lamborghini Advontador

As both a man and a person of Italian and French decent, it is my birthright to know everything and to be the best in the world.. While in a few years that will ring true it is a mess leaving as hell. It is going to take hundreds of books , dozens of people, and years to become a self made, overnight success.

old faded farrari 308

Think back to the last time you saw a highboy dresser with fifteen coats of paint, a few hand pulls missing, and the molding all cracked up. To the Ferrari racecar fast resale flipper, it’s a piece of **** and the risk of buying storage unit at auctions. To me, it a Ferrari 308 in need of my special loving care.

I will strip her white maw-maw dress off to uncover her beautiful and exotic woods, embellish her in hand forged hand-pulls, and wrought iron fillagre , so that she will be brought back to her youth and treated like the diva she is.

Some cars are designed to be like racecars and to be perfect works of art. That’s a Ferrari. Then there is the cars that are meant to rev their engines till they get your attention, then drive it like their “little boys” all grown up in their MAN toys. That’s s a Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D. and Resellers, will be art, handcrafted décor and jewelry, whose sole purpose is to get your friends and family saying that you are crazy ant that there is no reason  for you to have a $3,000.00 rack that only holds nine bottles of wine.

The Lamborghini’s of Lato A.C.D. were discussed in the “Five things you will love and hate about Lato A.C.D.” Our handcrafted items will be very event based and seasonal. My most show-stopping extreme works will only be attainable in three places: Kickstarter, special events, and gift giving.

Lamborghini Dioblo

This post was inspired by my dream toy box on Pinterest. In the upcoming months leading up to Lato A.C.D. and Resellers being a full time business for us, and for all of our friends and family, my challenge to you is, to point out my inspirations.

The inspirations are on Pinterest,  in the works of Etsy, E-bay, and Amazon, and at arts and crafts fairs.

Share your opinion and best guesses on Facebook, and those of you that get to know me as an artist and truly connect with my artists’ point of view will hold a special place in my  mailing list and art.

Stephen Mark Lato

May 2, 2013


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