“The Imagination Of Creation.”

J-15364;0; Pendant with Chain "Snake Coiled Up into a Ball"

Imagine glass enamel grape leaves and bowl walnut legs over hand forged steel claw, and ball feet on a wire rack.

It is a fact that I have used knives in cooking and in scouts ever since I was a child. Those are certainly two reasons that I love designing and making knives.

Another reason is that high-end knives use a very large amount of mediums such as mother of pearl, exotic woods, 10,000 year old mammoth teeth and Damascus steel.

Every time I see exotic knives, I dream about  wine bottle holders, fireplace tools, and picture easels using all the medium and techniques of fancy knives.

Now look at these knives and imagine personal accessories and home decor. Please share your dreams in the comments section of this post and on our Facebook page.





My wrought iron decor will be more than just bent and welded rods of steel.

They will have leaves, insects, and animals hand forged in steel. Others will be created from copper, then colored awesome glossy, bright, colors by melting colored powdered glass onto the copper.

Copper leaves are then painted with fire. Instead of welding everything together, I will be using the fancy rivets and pins of knives. The invisible rivets from machinist school.

Wrapping vines of copper around branches of steel and beating white-hot steel together till it becomes one.


Jewelry design especially art nouveaux and art jewelry, sculpting silver and gold instead of just bending and twisting them.

Melting glass onto the silver or copper. Glass jewelry on end of itself. The exotic woods, metals, and 10,000 year old mammoth teeth. Every piece used with fancy knives. They are also used in jewelry.

I am studying knife and jewelry, and I will sell knives and jewelry both from this blog and selling sites. I will sell knives and jewelry at fairs.

I will sell knives and jewelry at Renaissance Festivals and Civil War Reenactments. However creative my knives and jewelry become, and what ever level of skill, my knife and jewelry skill sets become better.

There is very little imagination, very little true creativity compared to using the very same skill sets and mindset to transform scrap metal and broken storage auction junk into your special treasures.

art jewely

Please google custom knives and art jewelry, and look at them on google images. Then I want you to imagine what items would be for you to show off to your family and friends.

As soon as your daydreams come alive, tell me about them in the post comments section or on Facebook.   

Thank you for visiting me on this post.

Stephen Mark Lato


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