“The return of my original favorite color.”

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I love playing with fire.  My first word was hot.  I used to play so close to fires that the bottom of my shoes have started to melt.

 Much of my love for my new hobby, forging steel, is that I get to play with fire and glowing red-hot steel.

  Hopefully soon I will start playing with melted rods of glass and glass powders.

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Almost everyone that loves the color red, also loves the color black. I feel that red and black are connected to each other in nature.

 Black coals next to a red fire, red fireworks in a night sky, as well as the many birds, bugs, and snakes that are red and black.

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As deeply rooted in my past as both red and black both truly are, neither color was originally my favorite color.

  Blue is the color of clear blue skies, of  days spent swimming with friends and family, and vacationing at the beach. Growing up, I preferred to play outside.

  The first thing I would do after waking up was to look at the wall down the hall, because if the bathroom door was open, I could see if the sun was shining.

  I considered it to be a lucky day if I could not find any clouds, making it a true clear blue sky.  That is the origin of my original favorite color!

In my interview with my son, Stephen Michael, in preparation for this post, I found out that his reason for loving blue is the same as mine, and I was about his age, six.

How awesome is that!! To not only share the same color, but to share the same reason. Stephen Michael said ” I always see it and the sky is blue.”

We both like playing and being outdoors. When asked what else he likes that is blue beside the sky and the ocean he said, “Blues clues”. The children’s tv show.

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      When I asked what his favorite hobby he liked to do with me was, he said it was making candle holders, and that he liked to roll out the clay with our pasta machine.

Out of all our plans for the future, he is most looking forward to going to Disney World, which will hopefully be this coming Nov.

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Blue skies symbolize optimism and better opportunities. It’s also a color that emphasizes the cooling and relaxing qualities, reminding me of when I am designing and creating, gardening, and cooking.

It is Stephen Michael’s personality, his interest in my crafts, gardening and cooking that bring a balance to my red and black hobbies and personality.

He doesn’t like loud noises such as guns, fireworks, and loud trucks. I am blue when I create. Not the sad side of blue, but the cooling and relaxation qualities.

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 I knew that working with, and teaching my children was going to be the most memorable and special times in both of our lives together.

What I did not expect was how much Stephen Michael and Rosalie would keep me focused and dedicated to my work.

I prefer to have the best tools, and to have everything together before I start. When cooking, I prep. and measure everything beforehand.

I don’t have a lot of tools and I have even less time for my arts and crafts. If I make the excuse that we don’t have an item that we need for a project, Stephen Michael will find something that we can use.

 On more than a couple of occassions, when I have asked Stephen to get something for me, Rosalie has gotten to it first and has brought it to me. ( I remember  a month ago, I told Stephen to get his shoes on so that we could go to the library. A few minutes later Rosalie came up to me and said, “I’ve got my shoes daddy.” How can anyone say no to that!)

 No matter how red something has made me,or how dark I feel, my children will ALWAYS return me to my original favorite color.

With my last ten years, I don’t see blue replacing red and black. Having said that, if I get to turn storage auction trash into treasures and become a pro artist, it may happen.

I finally believe that it is possible.  Having Stephen Michael as my balance,  will continue to bring even brighter blue days to come. Much brighter than I could ever have without  him.

Stephen Michael’s focus on our future is awesome for a six-year-old. In combination with his love for working on my creative hobbies with me, makes him truly the return of my original favorite color.

What are your memories with your favorite color? Please share them with us in the comments section. Thanks for reading mine.

Stephen Mark Lato


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