“LatoA.C.D:tye-dye L.S.U.and fleur-di-lis.”

I could not find a Hawaiian shirt for my cousins bridal shower. I was looking for shirts covered in large flowers and birds.

I knew that Tye dye shirts were more 60’s and 70’s then Hawaiian with spiral and peace sign designs. I decided to design my Tye dye shirt to have large spots of color instead of one pattern covering the shirt to give the slight illusion of flowers.

While making my “Hawaiian Tye- dye shirt, I also made Stephen Michael and Rosalie a shirt.

Stephen helped with his and Rosalie’s. That was over a year ago. Two weeks ago, the subject of Tye-dye shirts came up at Domino’s pizza where I work.

 A co-worker said that he would buy four Tye-dye shirts from me, if I would make them for him. I drew patterns in one of the little notebooks that I always carry on me, and he chose the pattern that he liked.

We also talked about the colors that he likes and dislikes. I went home that night and drew  12 shirts that he requested, then had Sabrina and the kids show me which one they liked.

From that, I drew nine shirts from which he chose four. Whenever I was giving him his shirts, showing him one at a time, another co-worker of ours brought one of his shirts from him, and asked me to make another in black and purple. Many other people wanted Saints and L.S.U. shirts.

A friend at Domino’s whom is having me make him a bowie-knife with filework and flames, said that he wanted a L.S.U. and Saints shirt and would pay for his knives and shirts the next day. I used that money to make 15 shirts.

I have finished the L.S.U. shirts below:






and I have dyed the Saints shirts. I will be fabric spray painting the fleur-di-lis tomorrow using gold paint. I am selling the shirts on our etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/latoacd, and I am going to experiment with new dyes, paints, and patterns this weekend.

Sabrina and I will be taking a fabric painting course next month to improve my shirts and her purses, bows , and dresses. I can’t wait to see what we will be able to offer you (our friends and customers), next.


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