“LSU Candle Holders And Vases.”

L.S.U. Candle Holder

L.S.U. Candle Holder

L.S.U. Vase

L.S.U. Reversible Candle Holder

L.S.U. Reversible Candle Holder

I have been a L.S.U. fan my entire life. I use to take turns with my siblings going to football games with our dad using his season tickets.

I also remember sliding down the Indian mounds and visiting Mike IV. In scouts, I helped people find their seats then watched the rest of the game.


I have even practiced on the track, and ran around the lakes while practicing for Redemptorist High School’s track and cross-country teams.

The candle holders and vases are inspired by L.S.U’s  school colors, purple and gold, and tiger stripes. I have very loosely crafted two of them from tiger stripes, they are purple and gold stripe bullseye pattern.

I also used a few different glass candle holders and vase shapes and sizes.

In the future I will use many other size and shaped stripes and glass candle holders and vases.

If anyone has a certain size or shape they need, leave a comment, and my next design may be inspired by your comments.


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