“Jolly Jingles Red Coral De’Cor.”

photo courtesy of photobucket

photo courtesy of photobucket

I love the beach and the ocean. My experience is limited to the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Pensacola Florida for now.

I have enjoyed family vacation to Grand Isle, La., Gulf Shores, Al, and Pensacola, Fl. in scouts, and Biloxi, Ms. for key club conventions in High School.

I am also a life long fan of National Geographic magazine, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and History Channels. All contributors to my love for beaches and oceans.

photo courtesy of google imagines

Years of setting up and maintaining aquariums has inspired the candle holder. Having crushed shell higher to one side brings your eyes across the entire scene.

My choice of shell, turquoise and red as the aquatic color scheme is also inspired by past aquariums.

 Once I make lamp work glass versions of my faux coral, they will be used in future aquariums that I’m sure will inspire new decor and jewelry.

The crushed shell on ocean floor was inspired by one of my very first candle holders. It was made for my mom for Mother’s Day in 2011.

 That candle I used translucent clay layers with the crushed shells between, then sanded off the top layer to expose a little more crushed shell for the surface.

The above candle holder is the current version of in crushed shell. I used a thinner base layer of translucent clay, then liquid polymer clay to hold the shell.

I put a very thin top layer of clay, then more liquid polymer clay, and crushed shells, then two layers of depth with the candle light shining through.

I did not layer the crushed shell on the coral candle holder or vase to give it more of a sea bottom look.

The crushed shell on the candle holder has hills and valleys in the sand for sea creatures to hide from big scary fish and sharks.

 Future works will have sands of many textures and colors, as well as other faux stones and corals found under the sea.

The making of the coral began with one of my books, “Making Polymer Clay Beads” by Carol Blackburn.

Her faux coral is of broken and well aged red coral, which I like, but was not going for in these decor works. I have used coral nuggets, as can  be seen in my Polymer Clay Over Glass Candle Holder.” post:https://latoacd.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/polymer-clay-over-glass-candleholder/” title=”“Polymer Clay Over Glass Candleholder””></a><em>  

  I have made branch coral pendants and earrings also, and may have a few at Jolly Jingles on July 7th 2012.

There are many types, colors, and phases of life of coral: from lively colonies of tiny sea creatures recently vacated by the creatures, broken off and well-worn pieces.

There is brain coral, fan coral , and sponge coral. I will try to craft many of them and use them in decor, jewelry, and aquariums.

I, however, am only one artisan. I would love to see faux corals and scenes  under the sea from your point of view, imagination, and research.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at the Jolly Jingles Craft Fair on July 7th at Lamar Dixon Expo Center, and at many fairs and festivals to come.

Stephen Lato A.C.D.


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