“Hummingbird With Salvia Vase Of Many Inspirations”

This vase has over twenty years of inspirations. My maw-maw Ro used to grow salvias so that she could watch hummingbirds.

She, my mom, and my other grandmother, maw-maw Sue, had hummingbird feeders. My first oil painting was of hummingbirds.

The award-winning balcony garden at our first apartment had salvias, as did all of my balcony gardens.

 The cameo glass artisan E’mile Galle’ had many acid etched floral vases where he would cover one color glass over another. Then etch off the top color into plants.

I plan on, in the future, making this vase design in cameo glass saliva’s with lamp work hummingbird over an exotic wood base.

Rosalie ate breakfast with me at McDonald’s, and then played on the playground.

Then we went to Micheal’s and bought the polymer clay for the vase. Rosalie looked at the beads and played with the silk flowers, laughing when they brushed against her.

 When we got home, she helped me condition and color the yellow tinted translucent base layer on the glass vase. I used 5 parts sculpey III 010 translucent to one of sculpey III 1150 lemonade.

I was somewhat aggravated while working because of how long its been. I’m a little our of practice at applying the first layer of clay to the glass.

 However my next step was very fun, because I browned an oil painting technique called under painting , where you use a single color paint to build in textures like high releaf carvings, then paint over it.

I made hummingbird molds from a broken wind chime in left over clay from other projects, then scored the backs and applied them with liquid polymer clay.

I did not want all the birds going in the same direction. I had only made one mold, so after placing the hummingbird, I made another mold, using the other side of the wind chime hummingbird.

I free hand cut the leaves, using google images. In the future I will grow plants for use as molds and to use in our decor.

I attempted to use two shades of green, adding lemonade yellow to one shade to show depth.( Next time I will have much stronger contrast and may have more than two shades of green.)

I also used satin glaze on the back leaves and glass glaze on the front ones. I used satin glaze in the yellow translucent background also.

I placed the stems before making the flowers to make sure that I liked the placement, putting in the time and work of making and placing the flowers, only to find out they are placed wrong.

I have too many stems , it would waste a lot of time, and it would make me want to quit for the day, or at least take a break. I then made the flowers and placed them so that many of the hummingbirds are feeding.

Sabrina baked it at her sister’s house, for 15 mins, before I painted the hummingbirds. I used burnt umber, sap green, crimson red, and  cerulean blue oil paint, mixed in liquid polymer clay.

I used images online to paint this vase. Future vases will have photos taken by me, used once.

 I put many flowers, including saliva’s, and have feeders to attract them. The oil and polymer clay was baked in a second bake of 8 mins. It was then glazed, as stated above.

 This actual vase will be on sale at the Jolly Jingles Arts and  Crafts Fair at Lamar Dixon Expo Center on July 7th, and vases of its design, with the before mentioned improvements will be offered for your consideration at www.etsy.com/shop/latoacd.

 The vase from this post will be on etsy for a limited time until future versions take its place.

My first ever of new designs are never my best, not even close.

The amount of planning and drawing that I use in new creations helps, but nothing ever is completely without changes are at the very least improvement at the skill of technique that changes the outcome of the work.

 View my past works in my candle holder post: ahref=”https://latoacd.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/polymer-clay-over-glass-candleholder/” title=”“Polymer Clay Over Glass Candleholder””></a><em>, and see if you can tell. 

I have always took on projects that were above my skill level, like a biplane on puff paint, on a T-shirt in grade school, or a leopard cub picture in pointillism (making the entire picture with each dot with markers), in high school, and one of this vases’ inspirations, my hummingbird oil painting. 

I learn so much that way that the next one looks like I’ve made them for years.

While the first of new designs and techniques are not ever close to being as good as the very next one, taking on projects that use skills that are on a whole other level for me, is when I am having the most fun!

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