“Quality Vintage Tools And Tools Of Mystery”

My Grandmother gave me permission to have any tools that my Grandfather had that I needed for school.

I am not sure of his real job title. My mom and grandmother said that he was a machinist, an uncle said he wasn’t.

What I say, through conversations with his tools,(yes, tools say more than you think), that he was a true machinist.

 He cut threads and belt groves into shafts on a Lathe. Told to me by Mr. Bill, my machinist instructor by my grandfather’s hand ground lathe cutting tools.

Some remain a mystery but were definitely form tools ,meaning the shape of  the tool was cut into the metal being turned, and not to part off or cut the diameter. 

He had a tubing bender and flaring tools for  1/4″ tubing, some welding tools, and 6″ block of lead that I”m not sure what he had it for. (If anyone knows what this was used for, please leave in comment section under blog.)

There were hundreds of drills, reamers, taps, and dies, enough  to last for years. I’m not sure of what machine he maintainance and repaired, but he was its machinist, both making new parts and repairing old ones , using the skills of many trades.

L.S. Starrett


My search for tools for machinist school was then very new to me, I was just starting school. 

I did not really know what a lot of the tools that later would be used by me for years, even were. It was truly part of my education  and not only my education, it was a show and tell for my whole class.

One pair of dividers were very unique and are hard to find, They have a scribe on one side  and an outside caliper on the other. I had some of the best hand tools ever made, snap on and LS straight measuring tools.

One reason that lead to me not becoming a machinist was lack of tools, however the tools I did have were awesome.

When I found my vintage toolbox, it was orange with what I thought was a black top, but was actually grease and oil from years of use and 22 years of retirement.

I scraped off the grease, cleaned the inside and outside, and painted it red.

I have another post about my dad’s storage room” <ahref=”https://latoacd.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/storage-room-adventures/” title=”“Storage Room Adventures””></a>

My dad was more diverse and had books on National Geographic, and mags to read, but it was a normal DIY storage room.  Pawpaw Sam’s was industrial trade tools and form tools for his 2 acre garden, but that’s another post.

I can’t wait to dig and search through old tool chest and real wood boxes of tools in storage units.

Maybe even new tools from trades that I know little about will be bought by us. Over the past sixteen years of since those weeks of tool findings and reconditioning, I have had jobs in the disassembly, cleaning and repair of tool.

There will also be tools that I need for my arts and crafts, as well as fixing and embellishing Storage Auction items.

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