“Stephen Lato:First Steampunk Mind Escape.”

I have been hating throwing power tool gears away for a while now.Knowing that thay had to be good for something. 

After talking to a friend and seeing steam punk everything, just about, I  decided that I would use the gears in my candle holders.

Daydreaming and sketching lead to the placement of the gears, and chain.

The shades come from learning that Victorian design is a theme to steam punk, so I used pinks and reds.

A little got dirty with gear grease, even though I did clean them. I liked it, so I continued working the clay with dirty fingers.





After gearing and chaining my candle holder up, it looked cool, but not deserving of the sci-fi aspect of steam punk.

Being a child of the 70’s and 80’s, sci-fi t.v, and mars books fan, I atacked it with red and pink vines.

My ss tubing is used with steam punk, but this one is occupied by my pink vines of many textures. Animal like stalking plants gives a crazy feeling to real plants.

The next steam punk candle holder or vase will have a lot more stainless steel tubing with polymer clay, faux steam, and other faux wrought iron scroll work or real copper scrollwork.







Another steam punk candle holder or vase will dive farther into sci-fi by giving animal heads, fins, scales, and maby fathers to the polymer clay plants.

Of course, all steam punk candle holders are my way of taking a break from thinking and measuring,and going out almost solely with daydreams, and what if questions, are all one of a kind items.

Next week my candle holders are going to be inspired by E’mile Galle’. I will make polymer clay humming birds feeding on red salvias with a red yellowish hint in translucent polymer clay beak, on a base of a dark green leaf. Galle’ loved plants.

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