“Lato A.C.D.’s First Of Three Sisters.”

Stephen’s International cuisine and Lasagna Bistro was a dream restaurant idea of mine.

I came up with about a dozen recipes for lasagna with Wed. night special being the fastest and most frugal, and the $100 slice being the most extravagant.

I also came up with a cookbook idea for my lasagna bistro that will become an e-book on Stephen’s International cuisine Blog, sometime next year.

In the bistro, because of my love for research and crafting new recipes, I was going to have a unique menu every month with customer favorites continuing from menu to menu.

There would have been lots of pasta types and flavors, for different sauces, and meats and cheese to choose from, for you lasagna.

The bistro would not have had an open floor plan, but yet would flow, and the placement of the rooms would be very international, like a well designed Victorian house.

Each room would have the decor of a different country or city: Florence, Rome, and Palermo which would be open to each other, to show, that while they are all very Italian, they are NOT the same.

China, Japan, and  Thailand, would be in a large room with obvious differences  in decor.

I have been helping my parents cook ever since I was two, and cooking more, from about nine. My earliest memories cooking are during Holidays with potato au gratin, cookies, pies, and cornbread dressing, and later my cheese cakes.

In scouts, I learned by trail and error how to cook by having to cook on campfires, instead of hobo stews  and other one pot meals.

I have made apple crepes, baked cinnamon rolls,stir fry and spaghetti and meatballs, as well as other uncommon camping foods, while camping. 

For high school graduation, my pawpaw Johnny gave me a set of pots and pans and 10 cookbooks in one, which  I still use to this day. The Cookbook is simply titled, “Cookery Class Cookbook.

Now, 16 years later, that following November at machinist school for Thanksgiving, I made my first lasagna from scratch, well at least the sauce and pasta.

 It would be six years later before I started making my own cheese and bread.

It is also about the same time that I began to grow my own vegetables and herbs. (I have another post coming about gardens of my past and that will be LatoA.C.D.’s second little sister: “The Lato’s family garden).

My pawpaw Johnny use to take me shopping in New Orleans for unique pasta shapes and parmesan cheese.

Whole Foods and Fresh Markets were not here yet. He is also the person that made me slow down when I ate, and enjoy the food, and also gave me lots of garlic,( but that is another post).

He is still alive at 87 years young. The garlic and olive oil have preserved his life, but not his mind.

My one last wish for him is that Lato A. C. D. replaces my two jobs and becomes a success while he is still here, and for his mind to be around long enough to realize his name is going to be on fine arts and crafts items, and help a lot of people on the resale side.

Another very influence cook in my life was my Dad, but both of my parents are good cooks.

My Dad was the experimenter and international traveler with the Army in Vietnam and Europe as an engineer.

He cooked every Sunday. That was the one day I was not even allowed to cook, because it was his turn.

 He had many great dishes: Italian Jambalaya,Three bean three meat chile, gumbo, and others. (There will be post on his cooking, more than likely for the life of Stephen’s International cuisine).

The reason that Friday’s are going to have Stephen’s International cuisine post on Lato A.C.D., is that our storage war yard sale will have hors d’ oeuvres, and that night there will be a lasagna dinner with wrought iron decor silent auction.

Once I start, I am not going to stop. But I will keep it to only Friday’s, which will be until October until I publish Stephen’s International cuisine on her own website.

Please fund my storage auction resale business, so that I can replace my jobs and become an artist and sell the works of others from fairs, and other gofundme and kickstarter projects.

You can gofundme at www.gofundme.com/m4dns,  and come see my found treasures, crafted mix media decor, and awesome food.

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