“Steampunk This Perfectionist Mind Spa.”

As a former student of industrial machine shop, an artist blacksmith and tool repair tech, steam punk is a media that fits me  almost perfect.

The only problem is, in steam punk, nothing fits perfect and I like perfection. I have toyed around with the idea of making steam punk jewelry, but never got around to it.

Then during a visit to my best man Travis’ house, so he could clean my computer, we got on the subject of steam punk, but not steam punk jewelry.

Steam punk everything IT, smartphones cases, keyboards, laptops, and also furniture. I know after that, I could not avoid steam punk anymore.

With steam punk, I am starting where I’m at and that is with polymer clay over glass candle holders.

I will use power tool parts from work, faux polymer clay wrought iron scroll work, gold polymer clay, and copper wire.

 In the future, I will employ my machinist, knife maker skills and blacksmith skills to steam punk. I will also add new media as I obtain them.

My current plans are to learn lamp work glass ,blown glass, glass fusing, metal clay, and Damascus steel.

As a mix media artist, I will not be held down by one style. Not even the awesome steam punk as perfect for my skill sets as it is.

There will always be room for steam punk, because of its ability to take me out of my perfectionist mindset when needed.

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