“Coral And Shell On Sterling”

I wanted to make “real” jewelry instead of my normal polymer clay and craft wire work.

 I made earrings with red coral and shell on sterling silver head pins and ear wires.

Making earrings is the best way that I know to test new designs and techniques without the expense of large necklaces or  even bracelets.

Coral and shell on sterling silver earrings

I have made faux coral for jewelry and candle holders and I am planning on experimenting with other coral types and colors. I use polymer clay now and I plan on lamp work glass coral in the future.

Faux coral




Another type of media that I create is a faux version of turquiose, as seen in my wife Sabrina’s bracelet with faux coral.

There are many “real” earrings  that I am designing using more coral and shell, exotic wood, hand forged copper and animal bones and teeth.

Sterling silver makes this pair of earrings much nicer then my normal craft ear wires, and yes, these are the very earrings offered on www.gofundme.com/m4dns  as our Lieutenant storage warrior reward.

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