“Polymer Clay Over Glass Candleholder”

 It all started when Christmas ornaments lead to jewelry and jewelry introduced me to polymer clay. Whenever I get into a new media, I go to the library and goggle images and research. Then, off to craft stores, book shelves, home depot, and where ever else my new friend takes me. One of the books that I bought was “The Art Of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects” by Donna Kato.

Purple and gold with milli floura

Polymer clay with crushed shell.

In Mrs. Kato’s book, she doesn’t have candle holders, but what she does have is effects that I thought would work on my moms and mother-in-laws present a year and a week ago as write this. I covered my moms in crushed shell on translucent polymer clay, and used rubber stamps for my mother-in-laws. Other techniques that I found from Donna Kato and others, are milli- flora and faux stone.One day at work, one of my knife customers’ girlfriend was making hemp jewelry, so I started making faux tiger, alligator and beads out of polymer clay for her jewelry. Another employee, who was also a buyer of my knives, who knew about my past candle holders, saw the beads and asked If I could make her a candle holder from that pattern of beads. So I did. She has since bought many pairs of candle holders and often suggest new colors and designs.  She also lets me know the comments people make about them.

Reversible candleholder

That is one reason for this blog. To find more people to share their comments and influence my work.This post is what I call an intro post. Introducing you to a media or mix media that I work in. There will be dozens of polymer clay over glass candle holders and vase parts, as well as lamp work glass and forged metal candle holders. You can now own a pair of my candle holders as a rewarded when you donate at: www.gofundme.com/m4dns


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