“Three Is Not Always A Crowd”

Why in the world would an artist want to be a reseller of storage units and estate sales?

Would not selling the arts and crafts of other artist and crafters be helping our competition? First, and most importantly, there is not as large a difference in the three as there seems.

We either buy or make items that our customers want and then sell the stuff.

 A lot of things obtained from auctions and estate sales will need reconditioning and refinishing, and then others that don’t really need it will be made more unique and special by my and Sabrina’s embellishments, to one that’s an art in and of itself. 

Also while most items in storage units is everyday household items, clothes and furniture,(stuff everyone needs and uses), there will from time to time, be very unique items. Some vintage and antique.

Buying from other artist and crafters at fairs, on Etsy.com , and on crowd funding sites, like gofundme.com and kickstarter.com , will introduce me to other media to mix in my mix media decor.

We may even collaborate on projects. There is a lot to be learned in both the crafting of items and the business side of this, that both us, and other artisans will learn from each other.

As artists, buying auction items and the works of others, will allow me to go full time years sooner than if I were to only sell my candle holders, and mix media wrought iron decor, jewelry, and knives.

It will also allow me to concentrate on creating new works, adding new media, and mastering my current tools and techniques.

Our gofundme.com/m4dns project is for storage auctions. However, having a box trailer or box truck, will allow us to go to arts and crafts fairs, renaissance festivals, and trade shows much farther away then a pickup truck.

We will bring more of our crafts to others and more of their stuff to have for flea markets and Etsy.

The buying capacity for storage auctions will bring us bigger net profits to allow me to quit my deadend jobs, expand my media, and make you treasure that you will love to much not to buy. Go to  www.gofundme.com/m4dns, and be rewarded now, and for years to come.


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