“Storage Room Adventures”

My dad had many hobbies and interest all crammed into a little storage room next to our car port.

In other words, a little boys wonderland. A place to guess what stuff was and daydream about their possible uses.

He had his first car, an MGB that had only been in the shop once, though he was under it most weekends with parts and tools in the little room.

He had wood working tools that we used to make our dining room table, desk, and kitchen for my sister.

There was an old aquarium from when I was a toddler and now use today with my own children. There was a shelf full from top to bottom with National Geographic magazines.

In many ways it was just as educational as school and an inspiration for nature, later revived in scouts and camping vacations.

There was a freezer with fish and duck saved for special occasions that normally never came out,at least not before freezer burn.

Fishing poles and crab nets and ice chest for our annual family vacation.

Storage Auctions are going to be deja vu on many occasions I’m sure, and I can’t wait to get lots of cool stuff mixed with lots of items that are question marks and others, that I just don’t understand paying for in the store.

With all of my memories tied to items in that Monticello storage room, I can’t help but to dream about the times they had and places they went. Please send me down memory lane and when I came back I’ll sell you their stuff.

You can find us at www.gofundme.com/m4dns.

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