Mix Media Artisian And Storage Auction Embellisher.

I am connecting arts and craft with modern techniques and trends.

My point of view is that it doesn’t matter where the techniques or media come from or if it’s completely made by traditional methods or modern.

The exception is when it’s for a history themed event of project, such as a renaissance festival or plantation home.

If I am working with hand forged steel and I am embellishing it with lamp work glass and it looks like a candle holder, it is one.

If it’s good to sit on, then it is a chair, and if it is beautiful on a chair, then it’s a pendant. Same technique, same media, very different item.

Forged steel and lamp work are just two media acts of many that I either will use, or have used in the past.

I try learning from the best online and in books, and hope to return the favor by inspiring works of others.

I also am highly influenced through social media and our www.gofundme.com/m4dns project.

I love meeting fans, customers, and fellow artist at craft fairs, flea markets, renaissance festivals,  and storage facilities.

I will play with many styles and trends. Some, more than others, but never staying at just one. Please tell me your favorite styles and media and we will create awesome new creations. Thanks for reading.

Stephen Mark Lato

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