“A Puppy Dog And A House.”

My son was about three years old when I stared working at Domino’s.

My wife Sabrina was still working as a Medical Assistant, and we needed extra money to save for our emergency fund and a house.

Even before losing her job, it would have been a long wait for a three-year old. So I was going to get him a beagle.

 He still wants one, so whenever he was upset with me leaving for Domino’s, I would tell him I’m working to get him a puppy dog and a house. Later I would ask him why I go to work, and he would tell me.

He still remembers that, and I have been at Domino’s almost four years.

Domino’s is still a good job for the work you do. However, when I started, there was only us in business, and now there are five other pizza places, and I am working fewer hours.

The only way for me to get Stephen his beagle and a house in the Oak Grove school district, is with our storage auction resale business, and craft fairs.

Use us to be your go to friends for household items, furniture, and decor. We have rewards for you on www.gofundme.com/m4dns. Thanks for reading.

                                                                             Stephen Mark Lato.

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