“Being Beautiful Is A Great Feeling.”

I like feeling beautiful. What woman out there doesn’t? I think all women are beautiful. We have the gorgeous clothing to look and feel beautiful.

  We also have the prettiest shoes,and  the newest hairstyles to go with the clothing right? We also need accessories.

 A certain accessory as a matter of fact. Braclet? Yes. Necklace? Yes. Earrings? Yes! But, there is still that one thing we need.  What is it, you ask? Why, it’s a handbag!







When I make my purses/totes, I want you to have that feeling of happiness.

I am sharing my pictures with you to show you the care and pride I put into making these beautiful pieces for all to see.

And also to show how vintage can look when you have your mindset in making your own products.

Of course, I added my own personal twist to them, but you have an idea of what my handbags look like.

In the near future, I plan on having embellishments, handmade by my husband, added to my purses/totes.

These items will include his hand forged wrought iron, and handmade jewelry. These extra features will make the handbag more beautiful and unique, that you will have to have one.

 I would love to see all of my handbags carried by everyone. I hope you enjoy my future blogs and pictures, and understand my visions that are inspired by vintage designers.

Please feel free to leave a comment / suggestion. I would love hear them. They will help me understand what you are looking for, and help me better my skills for the future.

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