“My Pair Of Aces In The Card Game Of Life.”


 My sister-in-law, a fellow crafter, drew my name not once, but twice for Christmas.The first year inspired my new art, media. The second year gave me the knowledge to pursue it. She seemed unsure if her gifts to me were liked. Of course, they are. They are from my Christmas list. The effects on my life and family, I did not see coming.

As a fan of world strongest man contest, arm wrestling, martial arts, and being a person that has worked on his grip and forearms since he was 13, I put  John Brookfield’s book on my list. Not only did I get “Mastery Of Hand Strength”, I got his other one, ” The Grip Maste’s Manual (not on my list), and “Native American Crafts and Skills.’ But that’s another post  when I start camping and hunting.

The “Grip Master’s Manual” has three pages titled “The Village Blacksmith:symbol of functional strength.” I had seen blacksmith at civil war reenactments and had thought about forging vs. machining in machinist school. Soon after I found out about forging knives. Being a person that has cooked his whole life, and was in scouts for some years, I love knives.

The following Christmas, as luck would have it, she drew my name again. Awesome! Three more books, any one which would have been great alone. I received “Fancy Knives”,that wil teach and inspire years of knives and embellishments for my mix media decor, jewely, and furniture. “Modern Blacksmith” will make blacksmithing for profit possible, and “Blacksmithing For The Homestead” gives me a place to start, and teaches me about functional forged items that I can craft. There are lessons and skills of the six books that will be passed down to my children and grandchildren.

I put hours of thought into every item on my Christmas list because I know how powerful and influenced my books are. She bought me six. She just had my beautiful niece, so I’m not sure when she will be back at work. She is an awesome child and family photographer. Her website is www.ellphotography.com, and she is also on facebook.

Sabrina and I will both be supporting other artist and crafters, both with blog post, and by buying their items for us and for resale. We will help fund crowdfunding projects once our own house is in order. I can’t thank her enough, so get your beautiful family to ellphotography and have her take your photos.

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