“Preowned Toothbrushes and Glass Embellished Wrought Iron Decor

I will make this impossible for you NOT to understand. Unless you live in a tent and make everything that you need ,we will have something you need and other items you will love to much not to buy. The last  thing that I want to do is sell you something that you don’t  love or need. With phone apps and software,we will know the items of your dreams while at auctions and sales, then my reconditioning and crafting skill sets will make your items awesome.

Antique collectors and dealers hate the t.v. shows about storage auctions because others like myself, are buying what would have been theirs, yet buyers also don’t like the competition. Think about it, people pay 150-200 dollars per month for the larger storage units. This is stuff to good to get rid of or even sale. Alot of other storage units are owned by siblings whose parents have died and couldn’t decide on who wanted what , or if to sell their whole household (aka Estate). Older people collect more than we do, and take much better care of their furniture, china and decor.

     After storage auction reselling allows me to quit both of my jobs, allowing me to become a more creative and productive mix media artist blacksmith, and Sabrina to craft her vintage inspired purses and pillow case dresses, I will still love storage auctions. Searching for unique items, finding stuff others are calling junk, then reconditioning and embelllishing it with ironwork, exotic woods, and glass is awesome to me. Also finding old items that almost no one knows what it is , then selling it to the one person that does, is very fun.

       We love finding our friends, family and customers the furniture, antiques, clothes, and unique items they are looking for , and HATE that we can’t go to more auctions. Help yourself  to the rewards we have on www.gofundme.com/m4dns so that we can find the items of your dreams, or a preowned toothbrush. If your that bad off, you can have it for free.

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