My Inspiration

I love antique things!! They are beautiful and I love that there is so much history from one piece, whether it be jewelry, purses, or even clothing. That is why I decided to make vintage style purses. To bring back the past: the glitz, and glamour: from Audrey Hepburn to Marylin Monroe.

My first style I made is from the 1920’s. I call it “inspiration” being it the first ever that I made, and hence what inspired me. I love the material I selected  for this particular bag. I purchased the fabric from Fabric Warehouse for $40.00, enough fabric to make seven purses! WOW! My first shopping experience was little hard. Since I am a beginner handbag designer, I had a little trouble finding the right fabric. I never realized how many different types of material there actually is!!  I had so many choice to choose from. I was overwhelmed! I never realized how many different types of fabric there were. From choosing what colors, and not to forget the structural part of the bag. I never heard of interfacing or fusible web, so you can probably imagine how silly I looked trying to figure out what everything was and how it  worked. It was confusing at first, but it is getting easier as I do more and  more. 

After all the searching, I finally found the right material. I chose a reddish/orange tweed fabric. It was the perfect material for this style purse. For the inside I chose a silk fabric, black with red stripes. I picked up some vintage style buttons,( to make it even more antique looking), and finally picked up a magnetic snap button to close it with. I am very pleased with how this clutch bag came out, considering it was my first one that I done.

1920’s vintage inspired clutch.

I love sharing these stories about the adventures I have in making my purses. I hope you do as well!!  I want to hear your comments as well as your thoughts and/or ideas. And if you have any questions, please email me and let me know. You can also find us on Facebook at Lato A.C.D. Arts. Crafts, and Home Decor.

Until next time!!

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